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Thursday, December 7 2023

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By: Anthony Gismondi
A Tale of Three Vineyards

When Mike and Nicole Dowell finally decided to become farmers, orchards were the plan until they tasted the chardonnay from a vineyard perched between rocky slopes and the Similkameen River.

The site was a section of the Mariposa Farm, British Columbia's first certified organic farm that launched the Similkameen Valley's future as the Organic Growing Capital of Canada. Since buying the vineyard, Mike and Nicole have met the challenges of building a winery, including acquiring two more estate vineyards, each with very different terroirs, allowing them complete control over their wines. As we visit and taste wines in all three vineyards, we can appreciate how the surroundings and soil affect the wines and begin to realize the work and dedication required to make it all come together. It's an unpretentious look at a small British Columbian winery, replicated worldwide, and the hardworking people behind it, moving one rock at a time. 

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Anthony Gismondi
Anthony Gismondi

Anthony Gismondi is a Canadian wine journalist and one of North America's most influential voices in wine. For over 30 years, he has been the wine columnist for The Vancouver Sun. The twice-weekly column is distributed across Canada through the Postmedia Network to millions of readers. In addition, Anthony hosts the BC Food & Wine Radio Show, broadcast in 25 markets across B.C. and available as a podcast on major platforms. He launched Gismondionwine.com in 1997, attracting one million monthly users from 114 countries. It continues to be a valuable resource full of tasting notes, intelligent wine stories and videos for the trade and consumers. Conversations with wine personalities are available on his  YouTube Channel.