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Wine Samples

Gismondi on Wine: Sample Submissions


All samples received are entered into the Gismondi on Wine database upon arrival. The tasting process takes 60 to 90 days, depending on the number of wines in the queue. The system is FIFO (first in first out) unless the wine fits a theme that we’re writing about.

Upon review, all notes will appear on www.gismondionwine.com. Depending on the fit, and our editorial calendars, the review may also appear in articles for Gismondi on Wine, The Vancouver Sun and its sister newspapers and electronic sites across Canada for Postmedia Network Inc, Quench Magazine, SIP Northwest Magazine, Scout Magazine, Post World Media, or in a session on the BC Food and Wine Radio Network. Your wine may also appear in one of our weekly Top Ten lists that we post on social media every Thursday.


If you want your wines reviewed by Anthony Gismondi, please forward to the Vancouver office. If you want your wines reviewed by Treve Ring, please forward to Victoria office.

If you send to both offices, the wines will be reviewed twice on the site, or in some cases, a joint review between Anthony and Treve will be posted. For rare and expensive bottles there are times that Anthony and Treve taste together, mostly at the Vancouver office, but sometimes in Victoria.

Vancouver samples can be delivered to: 1177 Esplanade Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1G3 Deliveries can be dropped at the same address. https://goo.gl/maps/EU6bYVWn8ybnWt2o6.

Please note, the GOW office is on the NORTH side of the street. The house numbers on the opposite side of the street are the same but refer to Marine Drive. We are usually in the office around 9:30 a.m. and work late most days. We strongly recommend you call ahead to alert us of drop-offs (604-926-4751). That said, you can confidently leave the wine at the front stairwell (basement door) if no one is around.

Victoria samples can be sent to: 1460 Brooke Street, Victoria, BC, V8S 1M3 Deliveries can be dropped at the same address. https://goo.gl/maps/d6R3dbKNmbB2

No signature required. If no one is at the home office to accept, deliveries can be confidently left on the covered front porch.

Please ensure each bottle is tagged with a price, CSPC number and its listing status. If this is not possible, please send all the information electronically to [email address protected by javascript] and/or [email address protected by javascript].

Thank you, Gismondi on Wine Team