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Summerhill - Biodynamics & Provenance

After 15 years of beating the biodynamic drum in British Columbia, Gabriel and Ezra Cipes share the family's vision of farming and community and what they have learned from experience. If you do nothing but watch the first minute of the video and listen to Gabriel Cipes' aria about what it means to consume a biodynamic wine, you will know all you need to know about the Cipes family and their conviction about going organic and biodynamic and taking the valley with them on the journey.

Quails' Gate: Embracing Change

Okanagan-based Quails' Gate winery and its owners, the Stewart family, embrace change with a new, experimental line of wines as part of its plan to transition to the next generation. Join us as we discuss, the plan, market demands, climate change and several other factors behind the decision.

Frind Estate - Episode 3: The Finish Line

In episode one, we saw the vision, in two we saw the technology, now in episode three, we finally get a look at the vineyards, the wines, and the guest experience.

Frind Estate - Episode 2: The Technology

Plenty of Fish founder Markus Frind outlines his plans to apply his considerable experience in tech and data-driven efficiency to the traditional wine industry.

Frind Estate - Episode 1: The idea

If wine is slow and timeless, tech is relentlessly fast and everchanging. No one knows this better than Markus Frind, the founder of the seminal dating website Plenty of Fish, who made his fortune at the keyboard, quickly adapting to paradigm shifts in user trends.

Wizards of Oz

Peter Fraser has been wowing the wine critics almost since his arrival in 2000 at McLaren Vale's famed Yangarra Estate. Noted Australian MW Andrew Caillard says, "Peter Fraser consistently produces some of Australia's finest grenache and shiraz wines. He is a brilliant specialist with southern Rhône varieties, and almost everything he touches is gold."

Jackson Family Wines Embraces Oregon

Eugenia Keegan, now the VP of Jackson Family Wines Oregon, chats about the wines and the people of the region as she highlight's JFW's Oregon properties: Penner-Ash, WillaKenzie, Zena Crown, and Gran Moraine. Keegan shares her opinions on many topics, including why Oregon and the Willamette Valley are unique and, in the end, should only be measured against themselves.

A Year in the Life of a BC Winegrower - Spring

The first video in our "A Year in the Life of a BC Winegrower" series, we drop in on four wineries in the midst of their spring tasks. We take a closer look at some of those tasks that will ultimately affect the wine in your glass a year, or more, from now. Featuring: Harper's Trail in Kamloops, Summerhill Vineyards in East Kelowna, Da Silva Vineyards on the Naramata Bench and Covert Farms near Oliver.