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Friday, December 7 2018

Top 10 : Wines for Wine Geeks

By: Treve Ring
What a wine geek really wants

I'm a self identifying wine geek.

I have two cupboards full of glassware (though only use Zaltos), a drawer full of corkscrews (though use a trusty white Pulltap) and five bursting shelves of wine books (latest editions are Dr. Jamie Goode's Flawless; Alex Maltman's Vineyards, Rocks, & Soils; and Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay's The Sommelier's Atlas of Taste. At last count I have 27 wine maps on the walls of the Trevehouse (the majority are DeLong Wine), and that's not to mention the piles / boxes / fridges of wines scattered throughout the house. Though I may be on the extreme geek end of the scale, there are numerous shades of wine geekery amongst us. You're one - you're reading an article about wine, after all. Whether you're just starting out on the wine journey, curious, shiny and new, or you're a wizened tasting wizard with hundreds of bottles in your cellar, as long as you're thrilled by the world of wine, you're a certifiable geek. 

What makes a wine geek wine? There's no one answer, thankfully. For me, the wine has to speak of its origin, the person who raised it, and the place it was rooted. It shows individuality and character, is not fashioned from a recipe, and is unique. Some wines may be rare, they needn't be expensive, and a few our from our neighbours. They're all exciting, expressive, and educative. Plus, it goes without saying, they're all dangerously delicious. 

This week's Top 10 are wines that I, and hopefully you or those geeks around you, would love to receive. Oh yeah, it's a supersized list because I am a supersized geek. *The Champange Annual comes out next week, so I've left Champagnes off this list. 

Written By: TR
Treve Ring
Treve Ring

Treve Ring is a writer, editor, judge, consultant, educator and certified sommelier based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. After completing her Art History degree with Distinction from the University of Victoria and being exposed to the world of wine business at Christie's in London, England, she switched gears, leaving the realm of art for the world of wine.