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Thursday, June 22 2023

Top 10: BC Sustainable Wines

By: Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi
Certification matters

In an era of greenwashing, the BC wine industry is doing the real work.

Wineries are backing up their efforts in the vineyard with certifications that matter. That includes not just organic certification, but also the Sustainable Winegrowing British Columbia program that certifies vineyards and wineries for sustainability. 

The Okanagan forecasted 20 percent of its roughly 3,600 hectares of vineyards would be certified organic by the 2022 harvest, placing it among the global leaders in certified organic production albeit from a small base of vineyards. Meanwhile, there are now six member wineries and 15 member vineyards in the Sustainable Wine Growing B.C. program. There is little doubt the future is bright. 

This month's top ten features some of the top BC organic and sustainable wines that recently crossed the desk of the GOW team. 

Written By:
Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi
Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi