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Four Shadows Rosé

Four Shadows Rosé 2018

Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaFour Shadows Winery is a new label in BC, though the vineyard and owners have been part of the landscape for a while. Wilbert and Joka Borrens moved to the Okanagan in 2011, purchasing a 17-acre vineyard in Naramata Bench, and without any viticultural background, they jumped into wine life. They sold their grapes to wineries for seven years, until they slowly started making wines with the assistance of consultant winemakers. In 2018 it was French-born, Okanagan-based, Pascal Madevon, and this sweetly ripe pinot noir rosé is very reminiscent of Madevon's fingerprint. Strawberry jam lines the fuller, glycerol palate, joined by fine peppery spicing. Showy, but simple, this gives a quick burst of ripe sweetness before it fades away, and is best well chilled and solo. I am looking forward to seeing where they take this label in the future.Tasted: 10 October 2019Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 18.00 winery direct Producer: Four Shadows Vineyard and WineryDistributors: New World Wines Incorporated
Blend: Merlot - Pinot NoirCSPC: 179460UPC: 626990339359