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Thursday, September 30 2021

Top 10 : Next Wave Portugal

By: Treve Ring
Portugal's time is now

Today’s Portuguese wines are amongst the most interesting and exciting on the planet.

Partner the country’s 250+ autochthonous grape varieties with keen and educated winemakers, viticulturists who care about place and sustainability, and a drinking public around the world interested in what is new and authentic, and you can realize the potential. Quality producers are rediscovering ancient varieties and revitalizing historic properties, while moving quickly forward to modernize production and style. The overripe, over wooded and overwrought table wines of the past are being replaced with pure-fruited, site-showcasing styles, many highlighting ancient varieties in transparent, low-interventionist ways. 

Suddenly Dão’s granites, Douro's schists, Bairrada’s limestones, and the Azores' volcanics are coveted soils, and Alvariñho, Jaen, Alfrocheiro, Cerceal, Baga, and Arinto hunted grapes. 

Let's do some wine maths: 250+ grapes x 200 identified microclimates x 2000 years of winemaking history x a learned, passionate, and proud set of growers and vintners = infinite reasons to explore the country's wines. 

We've continued to be impressed by the high quality, diversity, authenticity and value of Portuguese wines tasted recently at GOW (especially in the Ontario market). Here are our Top 10 picks:


Written By: TR
Treve Ring
Treve Ring

Treve Ring is a writer, editor, judge, consultant, educator and certified sommelier based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. After completing her Art History degree with Distinction from the University of Victoria and being exposed to the world of wine business at Christie's in London, England, she switched gears, leaving the realm of art for the world of wine.