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Thursday, July 22 2021

Top 10 : BC Pinot Noir

By: Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi

First-time pinot noir drinkers usually succumb to its silky, juicy fruit, while veteran swillers admire its concentration and depth of flavour.

But, even then, the mysterious, light red wine can be as fickle as the wind. Few would argue Burgundy is the eternal home of pinot noir, but the fame of the Côte d'Or red is fading into the cellars of a handful of collectors wealthy enough to afford what has become a sheer luxury. Yet, there is a reaction to every action. British Columbia pinot noir producers are stepping up to fill the growing void for high-quality, affordable pinot noir in our market. 

The latest statistic places pinot noir as the second most planted red grape by acres in the province with 1,331.94 acres in the ground, having grown 68% between 2008 and 2019 — more than any other widely planted red. 

This month we share a Top 10 list of BC pinot noir recently tasted, most importantly, still available at the winery. Watch for another update of local pinots in August as we work our way through the next crop of releases at GOW. 

Written By:
Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi
Geoffrey Moss and Anthony Gismondi