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High Note Patter Bruttext

High Note Patter Brut 2022

British Columbia, CanadaAccording to the winery, musical 'Patter' is about precision, with each note exactly where it should be. The songs are intricate and fast-paced, following the natural ebb and flow of speech. The High Note Patter Brut is a fresh and inviting Prosecco-lookalike with a soft, fruity palate and clean finish. The apple, lemon, red berry mix stems from an 85/15 blend of pinot noir and merlot grown in the south Okanagan. This could be a fun pre-dinner summer sipper.Tasted: 08 November 2023Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices:
BC$30.00750mlwinery online/direct
Producer: High NoteDistributors: Free Verse Wine Merchant
Blend: Pinot Noir - MerlotUPC: 69685209943