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Leyda Coastal Vineyards Kadún Sauvignon Gristext

Leyda Coastal Vineyards Kadún Sauvignon Gris 2021

Valle de Leyda, Valle de San Antonio, Region de Aconcagua, Chile2021 saw extremely cold temperatures well below the historical average. The result was slow ripening and a significant challenge to reach the desired level of Brix, but in the end, the wine is pretty good. It’s first and foremost packed with gooseberry and passionfruit, and at first taste, it seems more Kiwi than Chilean until you consider the cool Leyda site it comes off. The sauvignon gris vines, now eleven years old, are farmed at El Granito vineyard, just 4km from the Pacific Ocean. Extreme is a good word for the site, a collection of granitic terraces. Tart is its primary attribute, with a smoky mineral, citrus, gooseberry, and green pepper undercurrent. Grilled vegetables or steamed shellfish are the best matches here. Kadún means gray in Mapudungún, the language of the local Mapuche people, and the wine was named for the colour that the skins of Sauvignon Gris berries take when they ripen. When they transition to a dark grayish pink, that is the moment the grape is in its optimal state to be harvested.Tasted: 09 March 2023Tasted by: Prices:
Producer: Viña Leyda LtdaDistributors: Dandurand
Grape: Sauvignon GrisUPC: 7808734200504