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Tantalus Den's Block Old Vines Rieslingtext

Tantalus Den's Block Old Vines Riesling 2018

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaThis is the second release of Den's Riesling, a tribute to a longtime farmer and viticulturist, Daniel Martin Dulik, known by all as Den. Den owned and operated Pioneer Vineyards for several decades, on the site where Tantalus now rests. Den passed in 2016, and this special release riesling is a tribute to him. Off-dry, with 53 g/L RS, it floods the palate with ripe pear, pulpy lime, tangerine, perfumed musk over a base of river stones and white peppercorns. If you're a fan of sweeter riesling, look no further.Tasted: 01 July 2021Tasted by: Prices: BC 56.42 winery online/direct Producer: Tantalus VineyardsDistributors: The Wine Syndicate
Grape: RieslingCSPC: 30003UPC: 626990189954