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Zidarich Kamen Vitovksatext

Zidarich Kamen Vitovksa 2018

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, ItalyVitovska is an indigenous grape specific to the Friulian region of Carso, a very rocky region that borders Slovenia. It is a natural cross between Malvasia Bianca Lungo and Prosecco Tondo. Benjamin and his wife Marisa Zidarich tend 8 hectares here in a naturalist, non-intervention vein. The Vitovska Kamen (Kamen = stone) was native fermented in stone lagares, with skin maceration for 18 days, before ageing 22 months in older oak barrels. Pouring a hazy golden hue, this is rich with honeysuckle, broken stones, apricot fuzz, white pepper, fresh wild herbs, spearmint drawn across a lightly waxen palate, studded with mineral salts and finely yet fiercely textured with skin tannins. Such a striking wine. Only 12 bottles were imported into Canada.Tasted: 01 June 2021Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: ON 86.95 consignment Producer: ZidarichDistributors: Le Sommelier Inc.
Grape: Vitovska