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Kitsch Block Party 2020

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaThis is a riesling/chardonnay/pinot gris/gewurztraminer blend, with a 2 percent dollop of pinot noir that presumably gives this its pale rosé hue. Don't expect rosé-like aromatics, though; this is heavy on the tree and citrus fruits, lacking the burst of red fruits you may expect from the colour. It's light and refreshing, and just the sort of easy drinking wine you'd bring to a Block Party.Tasted: 27 March 2021Tasted by: Prices: BC 22.00 winery direct, private wine shops AB 21.00 private wine shops Producer: Kitsch WinesDistributors: Winery Direct
Blend: Chardonnay - Riesling - Pinot Gris - Pinot NoirCSPC: 83301UPC: 626990330172