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Stina Cuvee White

Stina Cuvee White 2018

Coastal Croatia, CroatiaPošip and vuguva, two main white grapes from this Dalmatian coast, make up the majority of this fuller white blend, along with a ten percent splash of chardonnay. from the Island of Brač, this rings of the sea, through saline laced white and yellow fruits, ripe melon, and green fig. There is a wildflower honey lining the cushioned palate, lingering with meadow grasses and sour lemon. An ideal partner to your shellfish and white-fleshed seafood dishes.Tasted: 05 May 2020Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 19.99 private wine shops Producer: Jaco vino StinaDistributors: The Wine Syndicate
Blend: Posip - Vuguva - ChardonnayCSPC: 991612UPC: 3859892605742