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Synchromesh Riesling Storm Haven Vineyardtext

Synchromesh Riesling Storm Haven Vineyard 2018

Okanagan Falls, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaStorm Haven is one of Canada's top rieslings made by winemaker Alan Dickinson. It's also the flagship estate vineyard of Okanagan Falls-based Synchromesh Winery, one of Canada's riesling specialists. The stunning site is biodiverse, perched on the outflow from a mountain pass, and nestled at the base of Peachcliff Mountain. It's easily one of BC's best vineyard sites. Low intervention in the vineyard and winery combines with fruit picked in stages to best express the site. It is super savoury this year, threaded with truffle, broken stones (quartz-like), lemon verbena, lime pith, pure granny smith. It is an entirely complete wine, with riveting acidity that holds this greyhound sleek. Muscular, structural, but still nimble and nubile, this is a wine that will reward with decades in the cellar. Again, Canada's riesling specialist. 7.4%, 2.78 pH, 12 TA, 67 g/L RS.Tasted: 22 February 2020Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 40.00 winery online/direct Producer: Synchromesh Wines Inc.Distributors: Storied Wines & Spirits
Massey Wines & Spirits Ltd.
Grape: RieslingCSPC: 820894UPC: 00626990114529