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Benjamin Bridge Pet-Nattext

Benjamin Bridge Pet-Nat NV

Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia, CanadaPét-nat in a can? From Nova Scotia? I'm used to being surprised by this ground-breaking Canadian producer, so when this 250ml can of methode-ancestrale, gorgeously designed and labelled, landed on my door, I took it as a natural step for this cult fizz favourite. Entirely cloudy/opaque in the glass, this is a blend of estate whites unnamed, leading me to believe it's mostly local hybrids. Grapefruit rules, from pith to oils, buffered by apricot fuzz, green apple, medicinal white cherry, rose petals, washed with marine saline. I think the sharp hipsters will have fun with this format on the beach, bus, or ferry. Nice chilled, but I prefer it when it warms slightly in the glass.Tasted: 16 July 2019Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: NS 8.99 250 winery direct Producer: Benjamin BridgeDistributors: Crush Imports
Blend: L'Acadie - Vidal - Seyval - Pinot Noir - Chardonnay