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Hester Creek Old Vines Block 16 Trebbianotext

Hester Creek Old Vines Block 16 Trebbiano 2018

Golden Mile Bench, Oliver, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaIt was only a matter of time before this wine got to this place. Unique in Canada, the 50-year-old, Italian-suitcased vines are just hitting their stride. Awash in pear, honeysuckle and yellow fruits soaked in citrus and melon, this slides down dangerously easy. It’s richer than you think on the mid-palate, almost Rhone-like, but then the finish falls back in line and tightens up. Perfumed papaya lingers on the finish this year, intermingling with lime zest spicing. So much not Okanagan, but yet, so very right.Tasted: 21 March 2019Tasted by: Prices: BC 23.95 winery direct, BC/AB: private wine shops, restaurants Producer: Hester Creek Estate WineryDistributors: Revelry Import Company
Grape: TrebbianoCSPC: 54031UPC: 626990125341