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Unsworth Vineyards Allegrotext

Unsworth Vineyards Allegro 2013

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CanadaI've yet visited Unsworth Vineyards but I feel I know them well by their wine. I'm guessing the owners are fresh and bright like the wines. In the case of Allegro, they could be a bit mysterious similar to the blend petit milo, pinot gris and pinot noir blend. All kidding aside this wine has the right DNA, from electricity, to acidity and a fresh, lean aromatic demeanour including chalk, apricots and peach with the requisite savoury finish. Unique and well done.Tasted: 05 August 2014Tasted by: Anthony Gismondi and Stuart TobePrices: BC 20.00 winery direct Producer: Unsworth Vineyards ULCDistributors: Storied Wines & Spirits
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Blend: Petit Milo - EpicureCSPC: 405126UPC: 626990160946