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Luce della Vite - 25 Years

Luce is a story of interesting wine people coming together from different cultures with different ideas. It begins in Montalcino with a Super Tuscan red with a blend that was a 50/50 mix of sangiovese and surprisingly merlot. Lamberto Frescobaldi tells the rest.

Luce della Vite '15, '16, '17

Lamberto Frescobaldi, 30th generation winemaker in the Frescobaldi family and the current president for Marchesi Frescobaldi, summarizes the harvests and compares three vintages of his Super Tuscan Luce della Vite estate in Montalcino. Find out which vintage he will be keeping all to himself.

Martin's Lane and Checkmate Artisanal - GOW Uncut

In a new style of video at GOW, we look in on a casual conversation about wine. Gentle ribbing between Anzacs Shane Munn and Phil McGahan intersperse keen insights and comparisons from their opposite ends of the Okanagan Valley.

Bisol - Prosecco Masterclass

Gianluca Bisol's family can trace its roots in the hills of Valdobbiadene back five centuries. Today, they specialize in Prosecco Superiore DOCG, from grapes grown under what locals term “heroic viticulture” on the steep hills. Bisol provides a short masterclass in Prosecco as he tells a story of place and family.

Perinet Winery - Priorat Masterclass

Winemaker Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz takes us inside mystical Priorat for an intimate look at the wines of Perinet and an ancient region whose original vineyards date back to 1194.

BC Harvest 2020 - East Kelowna

Our final BC Harvest video takes us to Tantalus Vineyards in southeast Kelowna's uplands where some of the oldest (planted in 1978) riesling vines in Canada can be found.

BC Harvest 2020 - Okanagan Falls

Jak and Janice Meyer have struck gold in Okanagan Falls, where they run a premium small estate winery focused on pinot noir and chardonnay. We arrived just in time for the pinot noir harvest and managed to catch up with Jak Meyer, and rarely seen, or interviewed, winemaker Chris Carson.

BC Harvest 2020 - Lake Country

O'Rourke Family Estate is Lake Country’s newest winery located near historic Carrs Landing some 35 minutes north of Kelowna. We catch up with winemaker Nikki Callaway on the newly minted crush as she jostles with construction workers and enlists some to help with the on-going pinot noir harvest. She also graciously gives us a quick tour of the new facility both above and underground.