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O'Shaughnessy with Sean Capiaux

In 1996 after years of searching, Betty O'Shaughnessy began what today is O'Shaughnessy Estate Winery with the purchase of vineyards in Oakville. Soon thereafter she acquired vineyards on Howell Mountain, Mt. Veeder, and all three locations are at heart of today's wines. 2002 marked the first release for O'Shaughnessy. We caught up with president and founding winemaker Sean Capiaux from inside their barrel cellar on Howell Mountain, 20 minutes north of St. Helena, to discuss O'Shaughnessey's latest release, the Howell Mountain 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Opus One with winemaker Michael Silacci

Learn about this iconic Napa Valley winery, developed in partnership between the Baron Philippe de Rothchild and Robert Mondavi as winemaker Michael Silacci tells us about their latest release.

Mirafiore - Barolo is a way of thinking

Mirafiore's story is similar to that of Sleeping Beauty. After a long slumber, it was awoken by a prince, to create a story that ends "happlily ever after" this one with cru Barolos. Visit the estate with us, including its many hospitality offerings in Serralunga D'Alba, Piedmont, Italy.

Frind Estate - Episode 3: The Finish Line

In episode one, we saw the vision, in two we saw the technology, now in episode three, we finally get a look at the vineyards, the wines, and the guest experience.

Frind Estate - Episode 2: The Technology

Plenty of Fish founder Markus Frind outlines his plans to apply his considerable experience in tech and data-driven efficiency to the traditional wine industry.

Frind Estate - Episode 1: The idea

If wine is slow and timeless, tech is relentlessly fast and everchanging. No one knows this better than Markus Frind, the founder of the seminal dating website Plenty of Fish, who made his fortune at the keyboard, quickly adapting to paradigm shifts in user trends.

50th Parallel - Botrytis Affected Riesling

50th Parallel EstateWinery owner Curtis Krouzel and winemaker Matthew Fortuna show off their first late harvest wine, a botrytis affected riesling, grown on their estate in Lake Country, just south of Vernon, BC. We find out what botrytis is, what it does to the grapes and how the wine tastes.

Liquidity Wines - Blending Pinot Gris

Winemaker Amy Paynter walks us through blending her pinot gris, integrating wine drawn from different kinds of vessels and from blocks within Liquidity Wines' collection of vineyards in Okanagan Falls and other parts of the Okanagan Valley. We come to understand how complexity and flavour is built, and just how much thought and planning is required to execute it all.