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BC Harvest 2020 - Cowichan Valley

We follow the grapes to Vancouver Island where a cadre of producers are impacting the BC wine map as the region closes in on two decades of production. The Cowichan Valley is 45 minutes north of the provincial capital Victoria. The sheltered east coast of the island owes its existence to mountains that cast a rain shadow, curbing the rainfall headed for Vancouver a two hour ferry ride across the Salish Sea.

BC Harvest 2020- Oliver/ Osoyoos

We stop at Checkmate Artisanal Winery on the Golden Mile Bench, just south of Oliver in the Okanagan Valley. We visit with winemaker and general manager Phil McGahan on the crush pad, where he takes us on a tour of the historic site, inside and out. The winery has undergone a complex renovation, begun not long after it was purchased in 2012 by Anthony von Mandl from the founding Combret family.

BC Harvest 2020 - Lillooet

Fort Berens Estate Winery is the first of eight stops to "follow the grapes," a series covering the 2020 grape harvest's excitement across British Columbia. In the series, we hope you will feel the energy and immediacy of the harvest in the vineyards and on the crush pads, as winegrowers scramble to pick, crush and process their grapes in a rush against time and Mother Nature.

Bartier Bros. - "Maceration"

Determined to save a "beast" of a syrah crop in 2015, winemaker Michael Bartier employed a labour-intensive maceration method. We learn to appreciate how each vintage presents a different set of circumstances forcing winemakers to understand their options in a decision-making tree that could lead to failure or success.

Bartier Bros. - "Rosé Production"

What's important in shaping a rosé? Winemaker Michael Bartier has put a lot of thought into what he feels make a rosé a great one. While he tells us this, he also outlines three of the best-known methods of production and then makes an argument for the one he prefers.

Bartier Bros. - "Garrigue"

Michael Bartier identifies two scents found in the Okanagan Valley to explain the French term "garrigue," and its effect on his vineyards and eventually his wine. There are many instances in the wine world, "matorall" in Spain, "machhia" in Italy, "boldo" in Chile and "jarilla" in Argentina. It's no surprise that in the Okanagan valley we have weather conditions and flora unique to us.

Bartier Bros. - "Soil & Minerality"

Michael Bartier is a one-of-a-kind winegrower with a strong connection to his birthplace, the Okanagan Valley. Bartier has long been curious about the connection between terroir and wine and whether winemaking enhances or hinders that relationship. We all went digging for answers.

Road 13 Vineyards - New Focus

Road 13 Vineyards has a new owner, a new winemaker and a unique story to tell from its perch on the Golden Mile Bench. With some of the oldest chenin blanc vines in North America, an ongoing conversion to organic viticulture and a new Similkameen vineyard, the winery is doubling down on its devotion to big Rhone-style reds.