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Aurelio Settimo Barolo Riserva Rocche Dell'Annunziatatext

Aurelio Settimo Barolo Riserva Rocche Dell'Annunziata 2016

La Morra, Cuneo, Piedmont, ItalyThe Riserva Rocche Dell'Annunziata comes from the oldest estate vineyards (45-65 years old), and within those parameters, the final selection is made block by block. Best of all, and rare anywhere in the wine world, it is only made in outstanding vintages. 2016 follows 2012 and 2009 releases. Nothing is small about this older styled Barolo, mirroring the reputation of the vintage that fully ripened the fruit without the grapes experiencing any heat spikes (a rarity in this day and age of climate change). It pitches 14.5% alcohol, but it is all in balance with no hot spots. If anything, the wood is somewhat prominent even at the seven-year mark, but it will dissipate, allowing the fruit and elegance to push forward and take over. Patience will reward this wine, one that has so much to give yet. For now, dried cherries and a touch of balsamic and bitterness all play into the complexity that is building in the bottle. One for collectors that they can occasionally drink while waiting for the final curtain.Tasted: 03 November 2023Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices:
BC$115.99750mlBCL Stores
Producer: Aurelio SettimoDistributors: Enoteca Bacco Importers
Grape: NebbioloCSPC: 502765UPC: 6339134017