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Anna Spinato Malanotte Del Piavetext

Anna Spinato Malanotte Del Piave 2020

Veneto, ItalyNew wines are always exciting, and it really ups the ante when they are historically significant. At Spinato, Malanotte del Piave was born to tell the tale of the Raboso vine. The name Malanotte del Piave speaks to the tiny village of Malanotte, which still exists in the Piave area where this raboso grape was born. If you check out the label, you will see a drawing of a mulberry bush that historically was used by the raboso grapevine to support its fruit. Back in the day when the silk industry was thriving, the silkworms ate the leaves of the mulberry bush while the plant structure beckoned the raboso vines in need of support. The wine opens with medium dark red hue and a fragrant nose mixing red berries with a touch of dried fig and earth. The attack is warm and rich on the palate, with more red fruit and chocolate, with sticky, almost rustic tannins that need some time to dissipate. The locals like to serve this wine with veal shank ravioli with gremolata sauce, or aged cheese. I suggest you open and decant this wine for 45-60 minutes to give it a chance to express itself fully. The DOCG says Malanotte del Piave must be a minimum of 70% Raboso Piave and a maximum of 30% Raboso Veronese, while the origins of the name Raboso remain a mystery. Some suggest it derives from the stream that flows into the Piave river, but others have said it speaks to the Venetian term “rabioso” (angry) for its strong and decisive flavour.Tasted: 12 February 2023Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices:
BC$39.99750mla pending wholesale registration
Producer: Anna SpinatoDistributors: Stile Brands
Grape: RabosoUPC: 8011204001481