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Domaine Longère Pétillant Rosé Méthode Ancestraletext

Domaine Longère Pétillant Rosé Méthode Ancestrale NV

Beaujolais, Burgundy, FranceSixth-generation boutique winemaker Jean-Luc Longère owns and operates a five hectare vineyard in Beaujolais Village. This sweet pink is low in alcohol; the fermentation is halted at 8 percent, leaving a demi-sec with a solid bump of 35 g/L of residual sugar. As sweet as it is, it is well-balanced by an acceptable level of acidity. The nose is a sweetly scented raspberry affair that spills on the palate. They suggest serving it with fruit pies and sorbet, but I’m more inclined to think about doing it with spicy appetizers and letting the sugar bring down the heat level.Tasted: 28 October 2022Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices:
Producer: Domaine LongèreDistributors: World Wine Synergy Inc.
Grape: Gamay NoirCSPC: 429569