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Oddbird Spumantetext

Oddbird Spumante NV

Veneto, ItalyOddbird is a line of non-alcoholic wines, a steadily speeding category of adult beverages for those wanting to bypass alcohol. This dealcoholized (or as the producer calls it, 'liberated from alcohol') glera comes from Treviso, aged a total of 1 year, and was finished with 44 g/L RS. The sweetness is apparent, but still doesn't quite mitigate the searing sharp acidity on the palate, one wrung with rubber and plastics along with unripe Asian pear. I reckon San Pellegrino in a flute might be a better way to go if you want to avoid alcohol.Tasted: 14 November 2021Tasted by: Prices: AB 23.99 select private retailers Producer: OddbirdDistributors: Crush Imports
Grape: GleraCSPC: 847630UPC: 7350067732271