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Longshot Pinot Grigiotext

Longshot Pinot Grigio 2020

California, United StatesThis is a bright, clean, citrusy pinot grigio with simple lemon and crunchy pear. The label says “dry, balanced, and crisp” and that's just about spot on. It’s light and refreshing, with just a gentle hint of sweetness (4 g/L) that leads to a dry finish. It’s the type of pinot grigio that’s about chilling down and effortlessly sipping on a patio. Solid, fairly priced, and well made.Tasted: 26 October 2021Tasted by: Geoffrey Moss MWPrices: BC 14.99 BCLS Producer: E & J GalloDistributors: E. & J. Gallo Winery Canada, Ltd.
Blend: Pinot Gris - Chardonnay - ViognierCSPC: 225444UPC: 085000027424