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Wakefield Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Clare Valley, South Australia, AustraliaCan we talk about this label for a second? Specifically the back label. I love the temperature indicator, which provides a clear visual cue of whether the wine is too cold or, more likely, too warm. It's not a new refrain, but on the whole most reds are best served slightly below room temperature between 16-18 degrees. Any warmer, especially for wines like this Aussie cabernet, and the fruit becomes muddled and the alcohol accentuated. Try it for yourself with this wine. A slight chill brings out juicy blackberry fruit, complementing the dried herbs and subtle dusty oak spices. It'll never be the most complex wine, but at the right temperature the end result is a solid pour for the price.Tasted: 10 April 2021Tasted by: Geoffrey Moss MWPrices: ON 19.95 LCBO BC 20.00 BCLS Producer: Wakefield Wines PtyDistributors: The Bacchus Group Inc.
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Grape: Cabernet SauvignonCSPC: 16188UPC: 9311659000626