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Domaine Chasselay Beaujolais is Not Deadtext

Domaine Chasselay Beaujolais is Not Dead 2020

Beaujolais, Burgundy, FranceThe Chasselay family can trace their lineage in the village of Chatillon d'Azergues, in southern Bojo’s Pierres Dorees, back to 1418. The region, the land of the golden stones, is named for the local ochre-hued limestone, traditionally quarried for buildings. Fabien Chasselay, his sister Claire, and their father Jean-Gilles have farmed their 15 acres in the Pierres Dorees organically since 2000, with the average vine age of 55 years. From calcareous clay soils and vines 45+ years in the lieu dit Les Grandes Terres, this gamay was carbonically macerated, native fermented in concrete, and bottled in early 2021. The siblings wanted to do something friendly and approachable, without pretense, and entirely smashable. Fresh and bright with wild strawberries, fragrant raspberries, on a juicy, lighter palate. Tannins are slight, and acidity is lofted and shining, easily carrying this joyous red to a lingering finish. Charming and moreish and smashable, as intended. Bojo is most certainly not deadTasted: 21 April 2021Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: ON 25.95 consignment Producer: Famille ChasselayDistributors: Le Sommelier Inc.
Grape: Gamay Noir