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El Esteco Fincas Notables Cabernet Sauvignon Cuartel 9text

El Esteco Fincas Notables Cabernet Sauvignon Cuartel 9 2015

Calchaqui Valley, Salta, North, ArgentinaFincas Notables is a selection of highly-rated estate blocks from throughout the Calchaqui Valley. As noted on the front label, the cabernet is from block or cuartel No. 9. in vineyard Finca La Urquiza, a mix of any alluvial soils that sit at 1700m above sea level. It is mountain fruit by any stretch of the imagination, yielding intense colour and rich tannins thanks to thick skins and small berries. 2015 was a difficult year, cooler and wetter than average, leaving herby, earthy pyrazine notes thankfully pushed back by dark chocolate and blackcurrant fruit. Reasonably dry and ready to drink, it is best served with a fire-smoked piece of beef.Tasted: 23 February 2021Tasted by: Prices: BC 29.99 BCLS MB 23.99 Manitoba's Liquor Marts Online Producer: Bodega El EstecoDistributors: Dandurand
Grape: Cabernet SauvignonCSPC: 660043UPC: 7798136300578