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YK3 Junmai Nigori Saketext

YK3 Junmai Nigori Sake NV

British Columbia, CanadaYK3 is a Richmond-based sake company, so named because the Toji (brewmaster) and two founders all share these two initials. The rice is high quality Calrose, imported from Sacremeto, California, where most of the North American sake rices are sourced from. This Junmai nigori was made in the traditional method, unfiltered (you're supposed to shake well before serving to distribute the sake lees (kasu). It is also Junmai (no added alcohol), and Genshu (undiluted with water). Medium bodied on the creamy palate, this glides like silk, with anise, pear, vanillin streaming to the lingering, subtle finish. Lovely freshness to counter the creamy weight on the palate, this is in lovely balance, and a beautiful pour alongside marinated roasted sablefish or grilled scallops on creamy polenta, amongst numerous other umami-led dishes.Tasted: 17 January 2021Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 15.95 375 private wine shops Producer: YK3 SakeGrape: Rice