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Garage Wine Co. Old Vine Pale Carignan-Mataró Lot 83text

Garage Wine Co. Old Vine Pale Carignan-Mataró Lot 83 2019

Maule, Valle del Claro, Valle del Maule, Region del Valle Central, ChileThat this is described as “the first glass of a long lunch” by the winery is hard to resist. Essentially bone dry, this electric red-fruited rosé-like wine is delicious. The mix is 11 barrels of carignan with one barrel of mataro from a mixed planting of 75-year-old vines on cracked granite soils. When you taste this wine, you believe it is a place where reds barely ripen, but that is a big part of its charm. Wild, savoury, and full of life, it could be the most interesting lunch you ever had.Tasted: 11 November 2020Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices: CDN 39.00 select private retailers Producer: Garage Wine Co.Distributors: Revelry Import Company
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Blend: Carignan - Malbec - Cinsault