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Champagne Dom Pérignon Vintagetext

Champagne Dom Pérignon Vintage 2010

Champagne, FranceIt is always a privilege to taste this historical champagne that is often underrated by those quick to dismiss larger producers in favour of the artisan. Let’s be clear; not all large producers are committed to the highest quality in the same manner, and not all artisan producers can make outstanding wine. The 2010 Dom is a 54/46 chardonnay/pinot noir mix that is humming along just fine in 2022, essentially mid-life for this champagne. Tasted several times now since its release, I am always amazed at its ability to project power and intensity while tasting as elegant as a Blanc de Blancs most years. A subtle palate of cherries, lemon, chalk, and salt weave in and out of every sip, leaving you wanting more. Freshness with complexity is a powerful pairing and one this label accomplishes easily. It is even more impressive given the challenging growing season and how few people released vintage champagne in 2010.Tasted: 21 November 2022Tasted by: Prices:
Producer: Dom PerignonDistributors: Charton-Hobbs
Blend: Pinot Noir - ChardonnayCSPC: 280461UPC: 3185370693445