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The Tea Leaftext

The Tea Leaf 2017

Western Cape, South AfricaAs its name alludes to, the grapes used in this wine grow among South Africa's wild native rooibos (red tea) plants protected from removal and yet to be successfully cultivated anywhere else in the world. The winery says Tea Leaf is English rhyming slang for thief, linked to the grapes "stolen" off in the cool twilight hours and delivered to the winery.” The blend is 55/42/3 chenin blanc / palomino / grenache blanc, naturally fermented in old wooden barrels and stainless steel. I love the texture and feel of this wine with its fruity, wet stone nose and mineral, stony mid-palate with a hint of (and we have to agree with locals), tea. Perfect for fishcakes, seafood pasta, or a favourite sushi roll. 2018 is on the way. Most monopolies refuse to list top quality SA wines like this but have little problem buying junk wines from around the world. Too bad. Support your local independent private stores for gems like this.Tasted: 30 October 2020Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices:
BC$37.00750mlselect private retailers
AB$27.00750mlselect private retailers
Producer: BoutinotDistributors: The Drinks List
Blend: Chenin Blanc - Palomino - Grenache BlancCSPC: 737551UPC: 6009900252438