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Domaine Martin Jund Edelzwickertext

Domaine Martin Jund Edelzwicker NV

Alsace, FranceA blend of pinot blanc, muscat, riesling, and gewurztraminer, the one-litre format is perfect for this style of wine. Edelzwicker refers to a blending ("zwicker") of noble ("edel") grape varieties. Traditionally it was a field blend, though that's less commonly the case today. This non-vintage bottling is perfumed with honeyed orchard fruit, identifiably Alsatian but without over the top aromatics. It makes for a lovely, quaffable pour, perfect for an aperitif, with some subtle sweetness to balance the phenolic bitterness on the finish.Tasted: 22 March 2021Tasted by: Prices: BC 31.99 1000 BCLS Producer: Maison Martin JundDistributors: Sur Lie
Blend: Pinot Blanc - Muscat - Riesling - GewürztraminerCSPC: 15782UPC: 626990446453