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Synchromesh Wines Drier Riesling

Synchromesh Wines Drier Riesling 2019

Golden Mile Bench, Oliver, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, CanadaThis is only the second Drier Riesling, from a producer known for his knife edge sweeter riesling. This comes from the Road 13's Golden Mile Bench site in Oliver, and 40 year old vines, the first time Alan worked with this fruit. Approximately 80% of the clusters had botrytis this year, giving a wonderful oily complexity to this wine. Green leaf, pear skin, apricot pith, and juicy ripe mandarin flood the palate, matched with a finely chalky texture that dries up the finish. Well named, and suiting those looking for a drier food-friendly style.Tasted: 27 August 2020Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 23.00 winery direct Producer: Synchromesh Wines Inc.Distributors: Storied Wines & Spirits
Massey Wines & Spirits Ltd.
Grape: RieslingCSPC: 485870UPC: 626990226963