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Jason Parkes Crown + Thieves Crybaby Malbec

Jason Parkes Crown + Thieves Crybaby Malbec 2016

Similkameen Valley, British Columbia, CanadaThis is a Similkameen malbec from a vineyard named after the owner's dog and some very large rocks stranded on the site. It's known to few as Jager’s Rock, but it is a small stone’s throw from its famous next door neighbour Blind Creek Vineyard. It’s classic Jason Parkes, the Peachland-born winemaker who loves a challenge and wades in with trepidation and then simply gets it done. The malbec is a study in power and intensity, yet there is a sense of lightness mid-palate that keeps it fresh. Earthy, peppery, almost high-altitude Argentine-like malbec (it could be the stony soil) gives the wine its palate interest. I can see Parkes now, surrounded by friends, working an asado-style barbecue, waxing eloquently about BC wines he has yet to make. Oh, and as Jason said to me, “It was aged in three 300-litre barrels I got from a Chilean guy.”Tasted: 05 November 2019Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices: BC 79.99 wine club exclusive Producer: The HatchDistributors: Winery Direct
Grape: MalbecCSPC: 151551UPC: 626990376132