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Seaside Pearl Magnolias Estates Cabernet Foch Rosé

Seaside Pearl Magnolias Estates Cabernet Foch Rosé 2018

Fraser Valley, British Columbia, CanadaI'm really digging winemakers coming up with new and different ways to use marechal foch, like this. A deeper, darker hue (more like a light red), this foch comes from Fraser Valley's Mount Lehman, and it's left off-dry, the sugar well pitched against the grape's herbal / twine notes. Sour cherry, cranberry, and rhubarb sit on the short palate, to a crab apple finish. Chill well and crack this summer.Tasted: 27 June 2019Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 22.00 winery direct, private wine shop Producer: Seaside Pearl Farmgate WineryDistributors: Winery Direct
Grape: Cabernet FochCSPC: 188157UPC: 626990284550