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Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal Icewinetext

Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal Icewine 2017

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, CanadaVidal is a consistent performer in the limited field of sparkling icewine, and using bubbles to animate its rich, cloying flavours is a stroke of genius. The nose is always busy with big, spicy, baked orange, and a dollop of honey that spills across the palate before those bubbles lift the ending. Ready to drink, and to celebrate this as one of the few unique wines in the world.Tasted: 19 December 2018Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices: ON 79.95 375 LCBO Producer: Inniskillin NiagaraDistributors: Arterra Wines Canada
Grape: VidalCSPC: 560367UPC: 620654130016