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Alois Lageder Natsch XVI

Alois Lageder Natsch XVI 2016

Trentino- Alto-Adige, ItalyThe Lageder family has been studying schiava at some length as climate change creeps across the Alto Adige. This ancestral variety is native to Alto Adige but has yet to rise above its plain Jane structure. At Lageder they are searching for a “a more distinctive identity” in the hopes of exploiting its regional potential down the road. Today, Natsch, made with 100 percent schiava, remains in contact with its stems and skins for over seven months in wooden casks followed by 11 months in used oak barrels. The result is a much more interesting and vertical story of a medium dark, fruity, peppery wine with an earthy, vegetal, spicy undercurrent. Ancestral in nature modern in style. The fruit grows on the Römigberg Estate, at Lake Caldaro, some 250 to 330 metres above sea level. To be continued…Tasted: 29 September 2018Tasted by: Anthony GismondiPrices: BC 69.99 estimated retail price Producer: Alois LagederDistributors: Mark Anthony Wines and Spirits
Grape: Schiava