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Casebianchi La Matta Vino Spumante Blanco Dossagio Zero Fianotext

Casebianchi La Matta Vino Spumante Blanco Dossagio Zero Fiano 2016

Campania, ItalyBitter lemon, elderflower, pear fill this light, natural, biodynamic pet nat from Campania. Brusque acidity lifts fiano's soft palate to a faintly humming, sour citrus finish. No sulfur, undisgorged and unfiltered, the winery recommends mixing the lees into the wine (tilt upside down gently a few times) before opening. La Matta means 'the crazy one' in Italian; perhaps a few folks thought Elisabetta and husband Pasquale were a touch crazy to leave their home in Naples to take over her aging father's farm in Torchiara. But the couple wanted to raise their children connected to the land, and now are in charge of farming the 5.5ha of biodynamic vines on the 14ha property.Tasted: 11 April 2018Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: US 17.00 estimated retail Producer: CasebianchiDistributors: Alto Beverage Group - The Art of Wine
Grape: FianoCSPC: 018476