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Movia Puro Rosetext

Movia Puro Rose 2016

SloveniaStriking for numerous reasons, initially from the packaging: a cardboard tube that holds this sparkling wine upside down. This is not a gimmick; this traditional method fizz is undisgorged, so the package helps the yeast sediment gather at the neck of the bottle, ready for the consumer to release. If the bottle isn't stored upside down, it needs be inverted for at least one hour to settle all the yeast in the neck. If you haven't disgorged before, and don't want a giant mess, it's best done underwater (Google it for numerous videos showing how). The added step is worth it however, to taste the freshest fizzy pinot noir from this 130 year old vineyard in BRDA Slovenia, just across the Italian border. The estate had been in existence since 1700, and Ales Kristancic has manned the helm for the last few decades. This naturalist property is farmed organically and biodynamically, and no inputs are added into the wines. This pours a cloudy peach pink, streams fine bubbles and streaks with lifted acidity. Riotous and pure, with piercing grippy apricot fuzz, peach pit, raspberry bush, wild thyme and light scented cherry blossom floating atop a mineral, iron clad base. Finely textural and grippy. Highly refreshing, authentic, and unique, this is a must-buy for those seeking authenticity of place, and wine experience.Tasted: 30 October 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: BC 45.00 private wine shops Producer: MoviaDistributors: Sedimentary Wines
Grape: Pinot NoirCSPC: 795427