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Tesch Unplugged Rieslingtext

Tesch Unplugged Riesling 2014

Nahe, GermanyEstablished in 1723, Weingut Tesch is one of Germany’s classic producers, typifying the Nahe. Unplugged is driven by racy, ripping acidity, driving heady yellow fruit, green fig, white peach and honeysuckle, all cut by weathered stone and funky earthiness. Though Nahe's generosity is cut with the shearing acidity and crystalline orange peel, this is still very dense, vibrating on the finish. Not quite cohesive at this point, but still fun to drink (unlike what the dude on the label will make you think).Tasted: 14 February 2017Tasted by: Treve RingPrices: NF 19.00 BC 20.00 specialty listing Producer: Weingut TeschDistributors: International Cellars Inc.
Grape: RieslingCSPC: 814327UPC: 4015276102309