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Taittinger Prestige Rosétext

Taittinger Prestige Rosé NV

Champagne, FranceThis deeper hued rosé is a blend of 50/35/15 pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot meunier, from approximately 45 crus, and utilizing 15% still wine. Salted cherry brioche, raspberry, red currant, red apple is threaded with tight pink grapefruit acidity, and finishes with a light toasty spicing. The core is padded with meringue, countered with a riveting acidity that keeps all this red fruit aloft. A natural food wine, though also lovely solo.Tasted: 02 November 2019Tasted by: Prices:
BC$99.99750mlselect private retailers
AB$105.00750mlselect private retailers
Producer: Champagne TaittingerDistributors: Pacific Wine & Spirits Inc.
Blend: Pinot Noir - Chardonnay - Pinot MeunierCSPC: 372367UPC: 003016570006844