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Sibling Rivalry Redtext

Sibling Rivalry Red 2010

Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, CanadaOh my, the nose is heavily reduced with a nasty garlic scent. The attack is soft round and very sweet, no doubt catering to a sector of wine drinkers who prefer their red wine with some residual sugar. The soft textures are the best part of this wine but it needs severe aeration before drinking.Tasted: 20 July 2013Tasted by: Anthony Gismondi and Stuart TobePrices: BC 15.00 specialty listing ON 14.00 AB 21.00 private wine shops NF 17.50 SK 16.00 17 0.00 Producer: Henry of PelhamDistributors: Pacific Wine & Spirits Inc.
Blend: Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet FrancCSPC: 244558UPC: 00779376170913