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Monday, September 25 2017

The Hatch - Video

By: Anthony Gismondi
Jason Parkes is the Proper Man

There’s little doubt winemaker Jason Parkes marches to the beat of his own drum but then so does the off-beat, tattooed, back-of-the-house Hatch team who don’t look anything like your typical assistant winemakers.

From the day it opened, the west Kelowna winery has been different. A philosophy of diversity, authenticity and individuality takes them up and down the Okanagan Valley in search of derelict vineyards and high quality fruit. At Hatch headquarters, we catch up with crew to talk about the obvious progress this idiosyncratic, hipster winery is making in an ultra-conservative business and find out what everyone is Yelp-ing about.

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Anthony Gismondi
Anthony Gismondi

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