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Thursday, April 23 2020

Agropur Grand Cheddar 3 Year

By: Allison Spurrell
Revisit humble (but delicious) Canadian cheddar

This award-winning cheddar is a tasty addition to your stay at home cheese platter.


Cheese Name: Agropur Grand Cheddar 3 Year

Origin: Made in Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, Quebec

Milk Type: Thermized cow's milk

Style: Aged Cheddar

Description: Grand Cheddar is made using thermized milk (heat-treated, but not fully pasteurized) and aged for three years before it is released. The winner in the "Over two-year aged cheddar" category at the World Champion Cheese Contest in March, is just the latest in several prestigious wins for this Canadian cheddar champ.

Tasting Notes: At three years, this cheddar is already building a complex flavour profile. The cheese has a slight taste of hazelnuts and has a nicely balanced, sharp finish. The texture is slightly crumbly, which makes sense given its age, but it still has a remarkably smooth paste and a rich, creamy texture on the palate. 

Pairing: This is an excellent cheese for pairing. Because it has a nice sharp flavour, but none of the bitterness often associated with very aged cheddars, it pairs well with many wine families. As part of a platter or ploughman's lunch, it marries well with a few pickles or olives, and a zesty chutney.

Here are a few recently tasted Canadian wines to pair with this Quebec cheddar :

Written By: Allison Spurrell
Allison Spurrell
Allison Spurrell

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