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Monday, August 1 2022

Advertising on Gismondi on Wine

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Reach wine buyers in Western Canada and major Canadian cities

Gismondi on Wine is Western Canada's leading source of industry news, wine tasting notes and stories.

When Anthony Gismondi decided to share his tasting notes online in 1997, his website instantly became a resource for industry professionals and wine enthusiasts around the world. It remains so today reaching 114 countries with major cities such as London and New York. Our core readership is located in British Columbia, comprising 70% of our traffic, as well as every large city across Canada.  In August 2019 we launched a free monthly newsletter, and our subscriber base has grown steadily ever since. The newsletter performs well above average in open and click through rates, and in a recent survey, recipients' top reasons for subscribing were to find new wines to buy and to learn about wine. Gismondi on Wine is the place to reach trade buyers and consumer buyers whether it's in our broader-reaching website or our more targeted newsletter. 


Big Box

We offer three Big Box (300px x 250px) units.  On desktop and tablet, these run stacked "above the fold" in the right rail. In mobile, the units are front and center separated by one or two story blocks. The units appear on every page of our website and rotate with every page refresh.  Gismondionwine.com appears high in any search for wine in Western Canada, for this reason,  we are seen by a broader audience looking for a variety of wine or wine-related subjects.  The website is an excellent place to reach a broader audience, to keep your wines top of mind, for LTOs, during key buying periods, for wine releases and brand awareness. Our largest demographic is millennials here, followed by 45-54 and women and male ratio is about 47% to 53%. 

Book in one month or two week increments. We book a limited number of ads each month to make sure that a minimum of 400K pageviews are reached per ad each month (or 200k every two 




We run three large banners in our monthly newsletter (600px x 300px). These are beautiful, high impact units that suit premium products, LTOs and brand positioning. The newsletter averages an incredible 72.1% open rate and a 25.6% click-through-rate. It has a slightly older audience with slightly more males than our website, with a higher household income than the website. With just 12 ads per year per position, these go quickly. In a reader survey, 82% of respondents selected "Wine Releases" as the most important element of our newsletter. 53.6% said they were "looking for new wines" to buy. The ad units are not just for wine distributors however, but also for those advertisers looking to promote luxury lifestyle products and services to our readers such as travel, fine food, luxury goods, finance and fitness. 

Sponsored Community Post

These are very affordable spots similar to a classified ad but with a photo.  They run amongst our event listings. They can be used to promote services and products that would appeal to our wine drinking audience and their lifestyles. Gourmet food, wine and food  events, auctions, education, luxury accommodations and goods are appropriate here. There are just $100 per post.

Request more information on recent demographics, ad rates and special offers from Cheri Caleb .

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News Release
News Release